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Terms of tickets sale for national parks and nature parks in Croatia

Selling and buying tickets through IGEUS website is possible only for national parks and nature parks (hereinafter Parks) with whom Bmove d.o.o. concluded a contract of the sale and collection of tickets. In addition to these Terms of ticket sales for the Parks through IGEUS Website, Terms and conditions of IGEUS website fully apply here also.

Types of tickets and invoicing

Through IGEUS Website users can buy standard types of tickets (one-day and multi-day tickets) according to the price as determined by the individual park. user selects the type of ticket and quantity he/she wants to buy at IGEUS website.

The use of purchased tickets is subject to the conditions and manner of use of each park entrance fees (one-time/multiple entry in one day, etc.). The period of use of tickets is determined by the type of purchased ticket (seasonal, pre-season, off-season, etc.). With introduction of the fiscal law, ticket itself is no longer treated as receipt; instead receipt is issued together with tickets.

Receipt and tickets will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the user and can be downloaded at the user site (through user account pages).

If user wishes to receive receipt with VAT details (receipt entitled to company), user needs to enter the data required for the issuance of company receipt before order confirmation and payment steps. user is responsible for accuracy of the information when purchasing. Subsequent changes are not possible.

Print@Home tickets - download and use

Print@Home is a service for printing tickets purchased through IGEUS Website (Print@Home ticket). Each Print@Home ticket has a printed separate (unique) Web code. For each ticket there is one Print@Home ticket with unique Web code.

Upon completion of the purchase user is obliged to print purchased Print@Home ticket and take the same with him on arrival at the park. Subsequent print Print@Home tickets at retail outlets Park is not possible. On arrival at the Park user is obliged to scan Print@Home ticket on devices for entrance control to the park or present the same to park employee responsible for controlling the entrance to the park, in order to perform validation and invalidation of Print@Home ticket.

The user who uses the ticket for a special category of visitors, i.e. the ticket with preferential price (children, students and other tickets) is obliged to present a valid document to park's staff responsible for controlling the entrance to the park to prove his user right to use the ticket with special prices apropos ticket for a special category of visitors.

It is forbidden to make any copy, distribute, transmit, publish or modify the Print@Home ticket!

If there is a duplicate of the Print@Home ticket, right of entry and validity of ticket has the first person that scan Print@Home ticket on device for access control or present it to employee of the park, which is in charge of the ticket control.

The user is responsible for printing and use of Print@Home ticket which user will receive at the registered e-mail address after the completion of the purchase by IGEUS Website. Bmove d.o.o. and parks are not responsible in case of Print@Home ticket duplicates, as in the case of any other abuse of issued, collected and delivered Print@Home ticket.

In the case of transferring a Print@Home ticket from user (the customer) to a third party, these terms are to be transferred and applied to the respective holder of ticket. The user is required to indicate a person who transmits a ticket to the provisions of these Terms.

For more information about the park (working hours, attractions, events, etc.) And the types and how to use the ticket, user is hereby referred to the official website of the park.

Cancellation and/or replacement of ticket purchased

All orders and tickets bought through IGEUS website are binding and final, and the same can not be canceled, modified or supplemented for other types of tickets. Each Print@Home ticket purchased through IGEUS Website becomes valid after the completion of the purchase, i.e. certificates of purchase and receipt issued is sent.

If the Print@Home ticket is not used, it can not be restored and user can not get a refund.


All objections and complaints can be sent in writing by post or by e-mail at:

  • Bmove d.o.o., Trg Petra Preradovića 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 60162542127, e-mail:
  • or directly to the service provider i.e. Park for which ticket is purchased.